1.  The first step would be to review all resources presented on the LiiNK website. This website outlines the foundations and research behind LiiNK, the intervention strategies, and identifies supporting resources to consider.
  2.  The next step would be sharing LiiNK with either the principal of the school you are interested in or the superintendent of your school district. The best way to share LiiNK with one of these individuals is with the video on the website front page.
  3. If you and/or one of the administrators is interested after exploration of LiiNK through steps 1 & 2, please reach out to LiiNK through this contact link to schedule an informational phone call or meeting to discuss what LiiNK could look like in your school or district.

There are two options when considering bringing the LiiNK Project to your school/district.

  1. Recommended path: $25,000 first year LiiNK fee per school plus other purchases equal to another $5-7,000 that same year. The LiiNK fee covers initial three day training plus ongoing training and maintaining the fidelity of the LiiNK program. The other purchases referenced above include Positive Action, prop boxes, recess equipment, and substitutes for training. The fidelity is determined through data tracking, classroom and recess checks, and annual reports. We stay in constant communication with the school(s) and district to make sure that the program is working as well as the other districts involved. The LiiNK fee is due in years 2 & 3 as well because of a three year MOU required to be included in the LiiNK program. The other purchases are cut in half because of a reduction to one additional grade level each year instead of two like the first year. You can expect to pay approximately $32,000 in the first year and approximately $28,000 in years 2 & 3. Prices vary depending on the number of schools involved and expansion options.
  2. Alternative path: $18,500 year 1 LiiNK fee + $5-7,000 other purchases, then $9,000 in years 2 & 3 with the same break down as above for the additional purchases. This plan includes all training and support mentioned above, but does not provide research and data management support. The district will be responsible for collection and aggregation of all measures related to project performance. A three year MOU is still required to engage in LiiNK.

We have a sample schedule included in articles and presentations found on the website in the results section. One of the reasons we don’t allow schedules to be sent out randomly is because every school is different including when lunch, specials, and other required content are offered. Each state and district have different requirements so we have to work with each school/district to create the best schedule for the different expectations.

The LiiNK Project requires LiiNK schools to purchase the Positive Action character development curriculum. This program is comprehensive, research based, developmentally appropriate preK-12 and is delivered daily for 15-20 minutes. It is also considered a PBIS curriculum. Here is a link to the Positive Action website.

  1. Each district and state has differing requirements for required content minutes. LiiNK has developed multiple strategies to work with districts in making sure the content needs of students continue to be met even with the addition of recess and character development time.
  2. LiiNK champions the idea that students should receive a quality education that meets the state and district required time elements with best curriculum practices.
  3. LiiNK has worked with State Boards of Education in the past to find a solution that holds the students’ needs at the highest priority.

We are currently implementing LiiNK as high as 6th grade in our Oklahoma school and 3rd & 4th grades in Texas schools.

We are expanding to a middle/high school alternative school this next Fall (2018). We are currently actively exploring opportunities to implement LiiNK in other middle and high school environments, but only with option 1 fees.

Please reach out via the website Contact Us page and include any relevant info and reason for contacting LiiNK. Please also include your phone number so we may reach out to you.

In order to help spread the word about LiiNK, please like our Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. You can also read and share the newsletters, which are published and listed under the Newsletter tab on our website. We appreciate your willingness to help grow the project!

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