Logic Behind LiiNK

The goal of LiiNK is to improve non-cognitive factors in children through the combination of increased unstructured, outdoor recess and character education training. The intervention begins with a cohort of schools focused on grades K & 1 in the first year, and adds one grade a year for the four year grant period. The introduction of a cohort to LiiNK is planned as a two year process:  a) fall of year 1 is a recruitment phase with visitations to our model school, b) spring of year 1 an MOU is signed with the new district, and (c) fall of year 2 the LiiNK intervention is launched. Each treatment school receives the LiiNK intervention of added outdoor, unstructured play breaks and a character development curriculum.  Each treatment school is paired with a matching comparison school. Pre and post data for each treatment and comparison school are collected in the fall and spring of year 2. Each fall semester a new recruitment of schools begins for their year 1 rotation, resulting in four cohorts of schools over the grant period. Cohorts 1 and 2 have already completed 1-2 years of the intervention. With this model, the plan is to expand our number of students impacted by LiiNK to at least 16,000 students from 30+ public schools over the next couple of years (see our Student Impact Graph).  This will allow the research to continue evaluating the intervention’s effects on the elementary classroom and recess environments as the students progress through the fifth grade.