What is LiiNK Project?

“Do something different rather than more rigor of the same.”

Rigor is the term used by many educational administrators to define what classroom learning should be about. Many don’t quite understand what rigor really means.

Rigor should not be defined as the quantity of the work, i.e., the number of times the material is covered or the amount of homework given.

Rigor IS an element of the learning environment that promotes an active, engaged learning process for students. Rigor creates excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

The LiiNK Project creates the learning platform for rigor and achievement in the classroom:

Present Initiatives

  1. Teacher/Administrator/Leader Training to shift procedures to include the whole child
  2. Implementation of four 15-minute unstructured, outdoor play breaks daily in the schools
  3. Implementation of daily 15-minute Positive Action character curriculum lessons in the schools
  4. District leadership discussions throughout each year to create a sustainable whole child change

LiiNK Project Proposed Outcomes:

  • Improved health (less obesity, less type II diabetes, increased energy)
  • Higher expectations of social responsibility (emphasizing ethical behaviors)
  • Increased time to be playful and creative in order to learn more effectively when in the classroom
  • Fewer standardized tests/move to developmental/local assessments (less anxiety, more confidence)
  • Less time in a classroom setting (although no less rigorous content), which creates passion in students to learn and less burnout as a result of too much time in school