Action Steps

The LiiNK Project is based on research in the U.S. and other countries to incorporate a much more inclusive, innovative model than traditional public schools have adopted over the past 20 years. The approach traditional public schools have adopted is centered around a required number of minutes in specific content areas daily. Standardized tests are the focus of determining success of a school or grade level achievement. LiiNK is based on improved brain development as a result of physical activity and outdoor exposure throughout the day, and character development taught daily. State requirements are still included.


Teacher & Administrator Training

Teachers and administrators from grade levels beginning the program undergo three full-day trainings in which they are introduced to the philosophy, policies, and procedures of the program.


Unstructured, Outdoor Play Breaks

Grade level class schedules are adjusted to reflect several unstructured, outdoor play breaks totaling 60 minutes daily. Physical Education is an additional requirement of the school content.


Daily Character Development

Classroom schedules are modified to include scripted 15-minute character education lessons daily through a curriculum called Positive Action.


Leadership Discussions

School district superintendents, curriculum coordinators, education directors, and school principals all have to be engaged in leadership discussions as fundamental policy and procedural changes are embraced in schools.