Positive Action Character Curriculum

Character Development

  • Focus on developing the whole child
  • Character development curriculum impacts self-awareness, socio-emotive learning, cognitive development and behavior outcomes
  • LiiNK Project has adopted a developmentally appropriate K-12 curriculum called Positive Action, which implements a school-wide approach from all content areas (e.g., PE, music, art) and an adoption of character vocabulary school-wide.

Outcomes Associated with Character Development

  • Reduced discipline issues
  • Behavior improvements (less bullying, increased respect for self and others, honesty)
  • Improved self-concept
  • Heightened school connectedness

LiiNK Project Action Steps

  • Delivery of a 15-minute, age-appropriate Positive Action lesson daily
  • School-wide adoption
  • Vocabulary and main ideas
  • Multi-discipline delivery