• Want More or Want Better?

    Want More or Want Better?

    My experiences over the past six weeks have led me to think about what people want in an educational system. What does it take to create a strong, reliable system that will promote learning, respect, and social responsibility? What I’ve seen in Finland is a system that wants better without more hours. The pupils go • Read More »

  • Sports and Culture: The Vision

    Sports and Culture: The Vision

    My week has been full of many different facets of experiences related to the Finnish educational system. I started off Monday observing in a traditional grades 1-6 school, Tuesday and Wednesday at a grades 1-9 school, Thursday at Espoo with the preschool children in the forest, and today I was at the Finnish Sport Federation • Read More »

  • High Respect for Teachers in Finland

    High Respect for Teachers in Finland

    I have found that teachers and professors are very highly respected in Finland. All teachers have to have a master’s degree before they can enter the classroom or the gymnasium to teach. At the elementary level, the classroom teacher is prepared to teach the content areas and one of the following three areas: physical education, • Read More »

  • Crossroads for the U.S.

    Crossroads for the U.S.

    The United States has steadily dropped in reading, math, and science status for the past 20 years and presently muddles along in the middle of the pack on National and global assessments (Hancock, 2011), even though we continue to throw more money at schools and teach more and more to specific test standards (CDC, 2010). • Read More »

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