Center for Healthy Play

Promoting Lifelong Advancement of You!

The Center for Healthy Play strives to connect lifelong health with the power of unstructured play to create the best you can be. The outdoors is an important component of one’s health. We conduct research in the field through the LiiNK Project to bridge the gap between brain development/learning and social skills, emotional stability, and physical skills.

Through our intervention and research efforts, we now know that unstructured, outdoor play is advancing healthy, whole children and adults alike.

Through various initiatives, we train professionals to implement the LiiNK intervention into their educational or work environments. This is a research based, holistic model developed and directed by Dr. Debbie Rhea that promotes resiliency, happiness, physical skills, healthy brain development, and healthy social interactions, while reducing stress and anxiety in children and adults.

LiiNK Training

This three full-day training series is for LiiNK teachers and administrators beginning the LiiNK Project. This training is designed to introduce the philosophy of the program and its emphasis on quality teaching over quantity in the classroom. It also teaches the importance of unstructured play and character curriculum, and understand the unintended consequences of minimal play in American schools today. Lastly, it trains schools on how to effectively implement LiiNK strategies into school policies and procedures.

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Educational Leadership Consultation

Consultant services are available for leaders in the education context, from elementary schools through college, to after school programs, to child-based centers. Topics of consultation include how to effectively create behavior change, how to maximize efficiency in the classroom and with transitions, recognizing distress and its impact on educators, etc.

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Playground Design Consultation

Consultant services are available for playground design in school settings, community settings, or other corporate settings. This would include playground analysis and a personalized plan on how to transform a play space, within your budget, to promote creativity, nature play, and physical activity.

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