Character Development

Classroom schedules are modified to include Positive Action®, a character education curriculum that includes empathy, respect, honesty, prosocial behavior, engagement/disaffection with learning, anti-bullying, and school community traits. Each grade level teacher delivers daily scripted 15-minute positive action lessons. Positive Action is integrated into the overall curriculum in a way that does not reduce core-content instruction time or increase the length of the school day.

Positive Action

A daily, 15-minute structured character curriculum lesson

Benefits of a Character Curriculum

Reduction of discipline issues
Improved behavior
Increased respect for others (less bullying)
Improved self-concept
Heightened school culture

Big Quotation Mark

A grade K teacher recalled a little boy who had no coordination and could barely walk at the beginning of the year. He also was nonverbal. Mid-way through the year she said that he had improved in balance and coordination and was actually running! He also started talking which then helped him be more social with the other children. She said he changed more than she had ever seen of a child in her 42 years of teaching.

Teachers and Admin undergo three full-day trainings to help shift daily procedures


Implement four 15-minute outdoor, unstructured play breaks every day in the schools


Positive Action® 15-minute character curriculum lessons every day in the schools


District leadership discussions throughout each year to create sustainable change


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Improve the health, character and attention span of your students. Inspiring innovation and creativity in your students will allow them to be more effective in the classroom.