• Can you share a LiiNK schedule with us?

    We have a sample schedule included in articles and presentations found on the website in the results section. One of the reasons we don’t allow schedules to be sent out randomly is because every school is different including when lunch, specials, and other required content are offered. Each state and district have different requirements so we have to work with each school/district to create the best schedule for the different expectations.

  • Can a school use any character curriculum they choose?

    LiiNK strongly encourages the use of Positive Action (https://www.positiveaction.net/), a developmentally appropriate PreK-12 character curriculum, that is considered the #1 character curriculum to change the culture of a school. We understand that some schools may have already adopted a character curriculum. Some questions to consider about the curriculum your school is using include:  

    1) Does it change the culture of the school?  

    2) Is it only covering social emotional learning, and missing the character piece? 

  • How do you navigate required content minutes?

    • Each district and state has different requirements for required content minutes. LiiNK has developed multiple strategies to work with districts in making sure the content needs of students continue to be met even with the addition of recess and character development time. 
    • LiiNK champions the idea that students should receive a quality education that meets the state and district required time elements with best curriculum practices. 
    • LiiNK has worked with State Boards of Education in the past to find a solution that holds the students’ needs at the highest priority. 
  • What grades are you in?

    We are in Pre-K through Grade 8 regularly with expansion into middle and high schools coming.

  • What are the weather guidelines and why do the students go outside when it’s so hot/cold?

    Please see Weather Guidelines and the Extreme Weather Q&A – located in the LiiNK Center.

  • Who do we call for more information?

    Please reach out via the Contact page and include any relevant info and reason for contacting LiiNK. Please also include your phone number so we may reach out to you.

  • How can I get involved?

    You can sign up to receive our quarterly newsletters, like our Facebook page for up-to-date news, or donate to the project mission. We appreciate your willingness to help grow the project!