Donate Now

The LiiNK Project has many funding needs that would not be possible without the help of corporate and individual gifts. In order for us to be able to properly measure the success of this project and train the teachers and administrators effectively, we have to have two full time positions in place as well as the founder & director of the project who is a full time professor with TCU. We also need to be able to collect data on the schools with the project to validate the effectiveness of the multiple recesses and character development curriculum. The following funding categories may help you determine what amount you would like to give to the LiiNK Project.

Purple Level – $100,000 and Over could fund the following needs:

  • Five elementary schools: receive character development curriculum, training, and reliable and valid measuring of program effectiveness
  • Corporate sponsorship recognition on LiiNK™ products

Teal Level – $50,000 – $99,999 could fund the following needs:

  • Full time position #1: Program Coordinator for a year
  • Full time position #2: Program Manager for a year

Silver Level – $25,000 – $49,999:

  • Shade structures for two to three schools
  • Moveable parts for three to four schools
  • Fall surfaces for one school
  • One full time graduate student research assistant (work on a master’s degree, present at conferences, collect data, help with day to day observations)

White Level – Up to $24,999:

  • Shade structures for one school
  • Moveable parts for two to three schools
  • Fall surfaces for partial area of playground
  • Undergraduate research support for 2-3 students (present at conferences, collect data)
Want more information on how you can donate? Contact Laura Patton, Director of Development at 817-257-5032 or email at laura.patton@tcu.edu