How to become a LiiNK School

Steps to follow:

    1. As a member of a particular school or schools – you need to get the principal interested in wanting to hear more or wanting to do the project.
    2. Then, the principal needs to get either the Superintendent or an associate superintendent, who makes these kinds of decisions, interested in wanting to hear more.
    3. Once the principal and superintendent/assoc superintendent are interested in hearing more, then contact me for an appointment to come talk to them or have a Skype/conference call. Don’t try to talk someone into the project. Let me do the talking.
    4. Then I take it from there to make it happen if the public school is still interested.

Cost per School:

LiiNK Resource fee at $40,000/year plus required expenses as listed below.

Required Expenses (School Dependent)

  1. Subs for Training
  2. Positive Action Curriculum per Grade Level
  3. Prop Boxes
  4. Playground Upgrades

Average required expenses per year total $20,000-$25,000

Contact information:




Resources to help gain interest:

NBC Today Show Parent article

TCU trailblazer video highlighting Dr. Debbie Rhea

Washington Post Article – Dr. Debbie Rhea



January 15, 2017   Deadline to schedule training for a Fall 2017 launch
January 15, 2018   Deadline to schedule training for a Fall 2018 launch


*Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for three years – will be signed prior to a school becoming a LiiNK™ Project participant.
**Three training sessions will be completed in a given spring or summer prior to launching the LiiNK™ intervention the following Fall.