Our Team


LiiNK Facilitators

Nancy Adler, M.Ed

Nancy Adler works as a LiiNK Field Observer. She has 33 years of teaching experience, primarily in grades K-2. She received her ESL endorsement, served as Kindergarten team leader, and was named Teacher of the Year. Nancy attended Baylor University where she received her BS in Education. She then earned her Masters of Education from Stephen F. Austin. Nancy is excited for the opportunity to contribute to the LiiNK Project. Download Vitae/Resume

Valerie Carson

Valerie Carson is a LiiNK Field Observer. She is an experienced elementary educator having served 28 years with Arlington ISD. Valerie received a BS in History followed by a BS in Education from The University of Texas at Arlington. She used her training in ESL, Dyslexia, and G/T to help students be successful in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Valerie participated in various committees on the school and district levels. She feels privileged to be associated with the LiiNK team and contributing to the continued success of the project. Download Vitae/Resume

Cathy Wells, M.Ed

Cathy Wells was trained with the LiiNK Project as an elementary teacher and helped implement the project among first grade students for a full academic year.  Her passion grew for the LiiNK Project as she saw a measurable change in student focus, cognitive and motor skill development, and an overall ability to problem solve both personally and intellectually.  Her experience with LiiNK was the most impactful curriculum/schedule awareness piece that she worked with in her 34 year tenure, because it bridged the interaction of play and learning into a well functioning process.  She is now a LiiNK Facilitator and can’t wait to continue working with the LiiNK Project. Download Vitae/Resume

Additional Research Team

Dr. Michelle Bauml

TCU College of Education Faculty
Play Consultant

Dr. Michelle Bauml is an assistant professor of early childhood/social studies education in the College of Education at Texas Christian University. She teaches undergraduate courses for the EC-6 program and graduate courses for the Elementary M.Ed. programs. Her recent projects involve exploring curriculum integration in elementary social studies classrooms, preparing social studies teachers for culturally diverse classrooms, and the role of teacher preparation in novice primary teachers’ practice. Currently, she is working on a manuscript about teacher education and a research project that deals with practicing teachers’ use of curriculum in primary grades. The Donovan Patton COE Impact Grant supports both projects.

Dr. Danielle Brimo

TCU School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Attentional Fatigue Specialist

Dr. Danielle Brimo is an assistant professor in the Davies School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at TCU.  She graduated from Florida State University with her Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders and is a licensed speech-language pathologist.  Her teaching focuses on language development and language disorders.  Her research interests include assessing and intervening of children’s language and literacy skills. Currently, she is working on developing assessments and an intervention to improve children’s grammar skills.

Dr. Stephanie Jevas

TCU Kinesiology Department
Burnout Consultant

Dr. Stephanie Jevas is the Director for the Athletic Training Program in the Department of Kinesiology at TCU. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Health Education from Texas A&M University, her Masters Degree in Physical Education/Athletic Training from Western Michigan University, and her Doctorate in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Psychological Aspects of Movement from the University of Houston. She worked as an athletic trainer in both the high school and clinical setting for over 10 years before teaching in higher education. Prior to coming to TCU, Stephanie served as the Clinical Education Coordinator for the Athletic Training Education Program at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. Her academic interests include psychosocial aspects of athletic injury, burnout in the athletic training profession, and interprofessional practice and education.

Dr. Emily Lund

TCU School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
Attentional Fatigue Specialist

Dr. Emily Lund is an assistant professor in the Davies School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at TCU.  She obtained her Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Science from Vanderbilt University, and is certified (CCC-SLP) as a speech-language pathologist.  She teaches on topics concerning teaching speech to the deaf and hard of hearing, speech and hearing science, and aural rehabilitation.  Her research interests include spoken and written word learning in children with hearing loss.

Dr. Jackie Pennings

Statistician Consultant

Dr. Jackie Pennings earned a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in experimental psychology from Texas Christian University after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Belmont University. She has also been accredited by the American Statistical Association as an Accredited Professional Statistician. As a statistician, Dr. Pennings consults with individuals, nonprofit organizations, and faculty on research design, conducting and interpreting statistical analysis, software training, and manuscript preparation. Specific statistical areas of expertise include factor and cluster analysis, basic bivariate analyses, repeated measures analyses, linear and hierarchical/mixed models, structural equation modeling, and nonparametric analyses including logistic regression techniques. She has worked on numerous national and international grants in areas such as health science, nutrition, reading, psychology, and mental illness. She is a member of several professional organizations and has presented her personal research at national and international conferences.  Through her training in statistics and research, as well as being personally involved as a researcher, Dr. Pennings has earned the qualifications and skills to advise others on their various research issues and needs.


Graduate Researchers

Dominique Bessette

Dominique Bessette is a graduate assistant for the LiiNK Project. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She also swam for the Owls and helped them win two Conference-USA championships. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise Psychology at TCU. Her research interests include the effects of physical activity and unstructured play on executive control in children.

Collin Pursley

Collin Pursley is a graduate assistant for the LiiNK Project. Before TCU, Collin obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from West Texas A&M University. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology.  Her research interests include eating behaviors among athletes.

Joanna Wu

Joanna Wu serves as a graduate assistant for the LiiNK Project. She has a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Political Science from Rutgers University and is continuing her education in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Psychology at Texas Christian University. Her research interests while pursuing her Master’s degree are physical activity patterns and their influences on mental health in both classroom and unstructured play environments. Before coming to TCU, Joanna was also a Student-Athlete at Rutgers and swam for their Division 1 Varsity Swim Team.


Undergraduate Researchers

Aubrey Goodwin

Aubrey Goodwin is an undergraduate researcher, and has worked with the LiiNK project for the last two years. Her honors thesis is currently being developed through an emphasis on the spatial memory aspect of the project. After graduating in the spring of 2018 with a degree in movement science, Aubrey will continue her education to become a Physical Therapist.

Images by Scott Murdock & Rachel Robinson Photography.