Teacher & Administrator Training

Teachers and Administrators from grade levels beginning the LiiNK Project undergo three full-day trainings in which they are introduced to the philosophy, scheduling, curriculum, data collection, and expected outcomes of the program. We always start with grades K and 1, then include grade 2 and so on through at least 3rd grade. This comprehensive training always takes place in the spring semester before a fall LiiNK implementation launch. The trainings are at least 4-6 weeks apart from each other starting as early as mid-January and completed no later than the end of May.

3-Day Spring Training Package

Day 1

Mindset Shift for Teachers and Administrators

Day 2

Understanding the Implementation of Play Breaks and Character Curriculum

Day 3

Integrating LiiNK Strategies into your School Policies and Procedures

Support Training

Additional training and support begin in August during the Year 1 implementation. Support from LiiNK continues throughout the year while training new grade levels or new schools.

2-Hour Inservice
Training Sessions

After School
Training Groups

Fall & Spring
Fidelity Checks

Teachers and Admin undergo three full-day trainings to help shift daily procedures


Implement four 15-minute outdoor, unstructured play breaks every day in the schools


Positive Action® 15-minute character curriculum lessons every day in the schools


District leadership discussions throughout each year to create sustainable change


Become a
LiiNK School

Improve the health, character and attention span of your students. Inspiring innovation and creativity in your students will allow them to be more effective in the classroom.



Starpoint School
Round Rock ISD
Pond Creek–Hunter ISD
Chattanooga ISD
Trinity Valley School
Arlington ISD
Eagle Mountain–Saginaw ISD
White Settlement ISD
Seguin ISD
Northeast ISD