How do we become a LiiNK School?

March 5, 2018 6:19 pm Published by
  1.  The first step would be to review all resources presented on the LiiNK website. This website outlines the foundations and research behind LiiNK, the intervention strategies, and identifies supporting resources to consider.
  2.  The next step would be sharing LiiNK with either the principal of the school you are interested in or the superintendent of your school district. The best way to share LiiNK with one of these individuals is with the video on the website front page.
  3. If you and/or one of the administrators is interested after exploration of LiiNK through steps 1 & 2, please reach out to LiiNK through this contact link to schedule an informational phone call or meeting to discuss what LiiNK could look like in your school or district.

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