How much does it cost?

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There are two options when considering bringing the LiiNK Project to your school/district.

  1. Recommended path: $25,000 first year LiiNK fee per school plus other purchases equal to another $5-7,000 that same year. The LiiNK fee covers initial three day training plus ongoing training and maintaining the fidelity of the LiiNK program. The other purchases referenced above include Positive Action, prop boxes, recess equipment, and substitutes for training. The fidelity is determined through data tracking, classroom and recess checks, and annual reports. We stay in constant communication with the school(s) and district to make sure that the program is working as well as the other districts involved. The LiiNK fee is due in years 2 & 3 as well because of a three year MOU required to be included in the LiiNK program. The other purchases are cut in half because of a reduction to one additional grade level each year instead of two like the first year. You can expect to pay approximately $32,000 in the first year and approximately $28,000 in years 2 & 3. Prices vary depending on the number of schools involved and expansion options.
  2. Alternative path: $18,500 year 1 LiiNK fee + $5-7,000 other purchases, then $9,000 in years 2 & 3 with the same break down as above for the additional purchases. This plan includes all training and support mentioned above, but does not provide research and data management support. The district will be responsible for collection and aggregation of all measures related to project performance. A three year MOU is still required to engage in LiiNK.

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