Dr. Debbie Rhea, the LiiNK Project Creator and Director, with help from the LiiNK team, provide workshops regularly for different groups. Past audiences include community groups, outdoor programs, after school partners, PreK-12 administrators and teachers, teacher certification university/college professors, parents, and play advocates.


Things We’ve Talked About

  • How to become a change agent for healthy, active kids and teachers in schools
  • Producing resilient children in a high-technology and sedentary culture
  • Choosing quality social emotional/character programs for your school and understanding the differences between them
  • Designing an effective play program for your audience
  • Designing effective, safe, and inclusive playgrounds in school settings

Schedule Yours Today!

Workshops can be scheduled as in-person or over Zoom, for different lengths of time starting at 2 hours, and a range of audiences with a minimum of 25 people. If you are interested in requesting a workshop for a specific group, please complete the form below to submit the workshop request. A member of the LiiNK team will be back with you soon.

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