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Finland is an educational superpower, despite breaking almost every “rule” we Americans think we know about education. Wrong Turns, Right Moves in Education (Archway, 2019) investigates the differences in these systems, advocating for an educational model that focuses on quality over quantity and the social emotional growth of children through play. Buy It Today

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between academics and the social, emotional and healthy well-being of children. The LiiNK Project aims to develop the whole child through increased recess and character development.
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My daughter is now coming home and wanting to go out and ride her bike or play with her friends in the neighborhood. She use to come home and plop down on the couch not interested in doing anything. She also now gets her homework done in 15-20 minutes and then gets to go outside and play. I can’t believe how much LiiNK has changed her whole outlook on life.

Mother of 1st Grade LiiNK Student