Workshops & Professional Development

Dr. Debbie Rhea, Creator and Director of LiiNK, with help from the LiiNK team, provides workshops and professional development trainings regularly for different groups. We have provided a variety of workshops/professional development with corporate groups, community groups (i.e., city parks & recs, nature design specialists), parents, outdoor programs, after school partners, PreK-12 administrators and teachers, teacher certification university/college professors, and play advocates.

These three 4-hour workshops are available for anyone. For those who need continuing education credits, these workshops will meet those qualifications. They are regularly scheduled on our calendar throughout the year. If a public, private, charter, or home school group wants to set up a separate training during an in-service day, this can be arranged as well. The workshop price is $100 per person. A discount will be applied to those meeting the group rate.

Training 1:  The Power of Outdoor Play  (4 hours)

This workshop will focus on answering the following questions. Why is the outdoors important for all ages? What does play look like? Why do children need to have as many unstructured play opportunities as possible growing up? How can breaks throughout the day for at least 15 minutes each benefit everyone? What are the benefits of having shorter breaks vs longer breaks? How do we create an effective work/play balance in the workplace and at home?

Training 2:  Knowing Your Stressors  (4 hours)

We tend to normalize distress because we work within that environment so often. We have chronic diseases and can’t seem to heal our bodies of these issues. This workshop helps all ages understand the different stressors that create chronic diseases in our bodies. The following objectives will be covered: 1) Defining three types of stress; 2) Introducing and discussing the different categories of stressors that make us sick; 3) Introduce the emotions that may be the root causes of stress; 4) Doing activities that help us identify our own stressors; 5) Leave the workshop being able to identify at least one stressor that is at the root of your unhealthy behaviors.  

Training 3:  Developing Your Strengths  (4 hours)

We tend to focus on our weaknesses and blame ourselves for things that are outside of our control. This workshop will focus on the following objectives: 1) Identifying and embracing positive emotions (optimism, hope, peak experiences, happiness) that can produce productivity; 2) Recognizing strength qualities in general and which strengths you possess; 3) How to develop and thrive with your strengths; 4) Leave the workshop with a toolbox to strengthen your positive emotions and build on your strengths daily.

The workshops listed below are available to be scheduled for 10-60 participants at a time. Contact us to set the date, which workshop you and your corporate team are interested in. Prices vary by workshop and the number of employees to be trained.

Effective Leadership Skills

Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality, and good leaders inspire others to follow them to where the organization needs to go in order to succeed. This one/two/three-day workshop covers fundamental leadership skills that will lead to strong and effective leaders and teams.

Effective Time Management Techniques

This workshop is for business professionals who want greater control of their time, workload responsibilities, and daily life.

Developing Resiliency: How does this work in the workplace and at home?

Resilience is a key strategy that helps us as employees and in relationships tackle stress in the workplace and at home, and address challenges in both settings. This workshop is for those who want to reduce stressors and promote productivity in their lives while also enhancing problem solving and communication skills.

Replacing Ineffective Behaviors with Effective Behaviors in Any Setting

This workshop is for any employee who wants to identify and change ineffective workplace behaviors into effective ones. Individuals will work through behavior change strategies related directly to their ineffective behaviors.

The following topics can be scheduled for professional development or in-service trainings. Contact us to set up any of the topics below for a date that fits your school or community setting professional development or in-service schedule. Prices vary by workshop and the number of employees to be trained.

Designing Effective, Safe, and Inclusive Playgrounds in Different Settings

This workshop will introduce different nature settings, backyards, school playgrounds, and parks and rec settings that use effective settings, loose parts, and risky play activities to reduce negative emotions and build confidence, happiness, resiliency, and positive mental health with self and others.

School Recess Policies and Procedures; Indoors and Outdoors

This workshop will introduce the differences between indoor and outdoor recess and what should be the policies and procedures surrounding school recess in both conditions. We will help you develop strategies to become a change agent for children in your school/community settings. Finally, we will introduce and discus school policy and communication strategies necessary for effectively changing when and how you provide recess in your school/community setting.

Developing Recess Kits

This workshop focuses on when indoor recess is needed, how to develop appropriate supplies for indoor recess on a budget, and what are the procedures for indoor recess that maintain an unstructured, child-directed environment.

Effective Time Management Techniques

Time management techniques are crucial and need to be mastered by any professional in their field of work. It uplifts individuals in their professional and personal lives and gives them recognition for being timely and reliable. In this workshop, we will be discussing and implementing many tips for teachers to master time management skills.

Effective Classroom Management Techniques for Pre-K Through College Students

This workshop will focus your energy on practices that will help increase student motivation and participation while reducing behavioral issues and stress.

The following topics will help improve the quality of one’s adult life, relationships with others, and creating healthy children’s lives. We are not as healthy mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, or spiritually as we need to be in order to live productive and happy/fulfilled lives. These topics will focus on healthy principles that can change our trajectory in life for the better. These topics will be offered randomly at least once per year starting in the spring, 2025. If a group of 10 or more wants to schedule one of these trainings prior to that time, contact us to set up a time to offer one of the 2-hour trainings to the group. Each workshop in this section is $75 per person.

How to Be An Effective Parent or Mentor Through Play Principles

Effective parenting/mentoring is focused on problem solving strategies, communication skills, and being the parent/mentor, not the friend. This workshop will focus on productive parenting/mentoring strategies and a mindset shift to change the dynamic from unhealthy to healthy.

Developing Resiliency and a Healthy Mindset Through Play and Physical Activity

Resilience is a key strategy that helps us develop a healthy mindset to life, tackle stress, and address challenges in our lives. This workshop is for those who want to reduce stressors and promote productivity in their lives through physical activity and play while also enhancing problem solving, communication, and many other resilience skills.

The Big Three: Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep

This workshop will tackle the importance of engaging in effective physical activity, nutrition, and sleep practices. It will provide many good tips to begin your journey to physical, mental, and emotional health.

Effective Time Management Techniques

This workshop will help you identify time roadblocks, different personality styles associated with good time management, and develop several steps to help manage your time more effectively.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Developmental Play and Sport Practices for Children  

This workshop will define what play, physical activity, fitness and sport mean in today’s culture. It will also offer appropriate developmental practices for play, physical activity, and sport during early childhood, pre-adolescence, and adolescence. It will tackle sport specialization and when it’s healthier for children/adolescents. This workshop, for parents, will also provide a checklist to determine which programs are more suited for your child/adolescent. For coaches, this workshop will provide a checklist to determine when you are following developmentally appropriate practices and when you aren’t.

Ways to Participate

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Workshops can be scheduled as in-person or over Zoom, for different lengths of time starting at 2 hours, and a range of audiences with a minimum of 25 people. If you are interested in requesting a workshop for a specific group, please complete the form below to submit the workshop request. A member of the LiiNK team will be back with you soon.