It’s time we strengthen the public school system through better health, higher social expectations and quality time in the classroom.
Working toward fewer standardized tests will develop student confidence and self-esteem when it comes to their education. When a student
is no longer labeled by a score we’ll create more passion in students to learn and experience less burnout.

Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to the movement. Let’s make some change.

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Watch this and discover how we improve the health, character and attention span of your students, allowing them to be more effective in the classroom.You’ll also hear from actual teachers and parents, describing their experience with the project.

Dr. Jim Chadwell, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Superintendent

LiiNK is a wonderful program that has had a tremendous impact on our elementary students. We have seen positive outcomes academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. The program is in all sixteen of our elementary schools and has become a standard method in our district to support the whole child.

Dr. Matthew Gutierrez, Seguin ISD Superintendent

When I arrived in Seguin in the fall of 2017, many of our campuses had gone down to one 15-minute recess break, and in some instances none. The reduction of recess time wasn’t having a positive impact on student achievement and engagement. Fast forward to today, reading levels and student engagement are improving. Providing students with four opportunities to restart after four recess breaks combined with the character education component is truly transforming how education looks in Seguin ISD.

Let’s Make Some Change!

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