Our Story

The LiiNK Project® (Let’s inspire innovation ‘N Kids) began as a research intervention created and directed by Dr. Debbie Rhea in 2012 who is a full professor in Kinesiology at Texas Christian University. The mission was “bridging the gap between academics and the whole child.” Dr. Rhea and her team began implementing the intervention in Texas schools, then branched out to Oklahoma and Michigan schools over the past 10 years. Policies, procedures and guidelines in K-12 schools, after school programs, and university teacher programs have been established through evidence-based practices to assure quality recess and character skills are established for every child in the school setting.

The two intervention strategies implemented in any interested/invested preK through grade 12 school are four 15-minute unstructured, outdoor recess breaks and a 15-minute character lesson daily through a curriculum called Positive Action®.

Our research and publications through the years have shown many positive mental and physical health results in children across all types of schools and diverse student populations. We accomplished this by providing teacher and administrator training, leadership development, and adjusting policies and procedures in the schools to bring in a more cohesive learning environment. The LiiNK Project has established international attention throughout the years for what we have been able to do and help establish for schools and educators across the United States.

The power of the LiiNK Project® is much bigger than just the unstructured, outdoor play piece. LiiNK alters the policies, procedures, and practices of a school or district to meet whole child needs.


Finland – Dr. Debbie Rhea began the journey to develop the LiiNK intervention at the University of Helsinki.


“Racing to the Finnish Line” Symposium and Evening Community Event with Dr. Pasi Sahlberg. Ignited the excitement in Texas around recess and character skills.


Developed teacher/administrator training and the recess intervention for the LiiNK Project with TVS & Starpoint Schools.


Launched LiiNK in two public schools districts – Eagle Mountain & Irving.